Practical information

Arrival and departure
When to check in/check out

Check-in from 2 PM.

Check-out before noon.

Please take into account that the settlement of the the security deposit and other formalities can take up to half an hour.

How to check in/check out

We live in the village at 44/B Fő utca (small entrance gate at the left of the church), located 75 m from the guest house (41 Fő utca).

On arrival ring the bell at our house and then we'll go together to the guest house.

Payment and costs
Advance payment

A deposit of 110 € (or 40.000 forint) is required on booking, payable within one week.

The deposit will be refunded if cancelled more than two weeks before arrival.

If the reservation is cancelled less than two weeks before arrival the deposit will not be refunded.

If we don't receive the depost in time we are not able to hold your reservation.

We will send you the payment details on booking.

Payment in full

The full booking balance (total amount - advance payment) can be paid by bank transfer or paid cash on check-in (in euro or forint).

If you choose to pay by bank transfer make sure we receive the payment at least one day prior to arrival.

If the booking is cancelled we'll transfer the balance straight away to you bank account.

On arrival a local tourism tax has to be paid cash. The tax amounts to 200 forint per person per night. Minors are not subject to the tourism tax.

Security deposit

A cash security deposit of 150 € (or 50.000 forint) is payable on arrival at the guest house.

The depost will be refunded on the day of departure.