The village of Szenna has a beautiful open-air museum located at the northern border of the Landscape Protection Area Zselic. From Magyarlukafa (southern border of the Zselic) it makes for an interesting trip straight across the Zselic by bike (25 km) or by car (48 km) combining it with a visit to Kaposvár.
In the open-air museum there are a number of traditional houses from the 19th century. The museum is unique in the sense that is has been organised around a church as an entire village with cemetery, forge, houses with annexes and everything that could be found in a traditional village.
The church, dating from 1785, has a beautiful painted cassette ceiling.
On this page you can watch a fragment from a Hungarian documentary dedicated to the open-air museum from the series Itthon vagy!
You can also watch the video below (Expoza Travel).